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Hello, We are in RcHobby since

2012 -Mumbai.


We want to make all new Rchobbyist to  gain experience and access to all Rc parts and required experience via our channel we not only provide Rcparts and equipment but also do train students to make Rc models and drones and to fly them to repair them.. etc do visit Dronacharya which is our main channel for this propogation.

Complex Yet Simple

Simple plans and easy ideas to implement to achieve goals and models

Immediate Response

Our team is present to give 100% response on any doubt or any help required regarding the Rc scenario

Stunning Design & Features

Customized solutions and aerial rigs is our main work.. we have been making customised solution and designs for various industrial applications.

Fully Customisable

Any Rc model or any Drone can be customised or can be build according to custom requirements as per the client and be provided with training.

Ready to fly kits

Now we have ready to fly kits which needs to be assembled with additional electronics and you are ready to fly it on the field.

Free Support & Updates

Free Support and updates are available till a limited period of purchase and if taken the training course all doubts and other problems would be solved for free.

We all here @ Dronacharya and Dronakart are all from the Rc background and have been specialised into various fields and been doing it passionately.

Everyone here is connected and updated with all the latest technology and customers thereby ensuring full customer support.

All measures are taken to produce a perfect product without any errors and hence a neat setup of  equipment.

Our Amazing Team.

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